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Achieving Precision in SMT Production: Temperature and Humidity Control
SMT Temperature and Humidity Control are paramount in the world of PCB manufacturing. Ensuring the right environmental conditions on the manufacturing floor can be the difference between flawless PCBs and costly defects. In this blog, we'll explore how temperature and relative humidity (Rh) control impact the manufacturing process and how to achieve precision in your operations.

Understanding Relative Humidity (Rh): Rh measures the amount of water vapor in the air, and it plays a crucial role in SMT production.

High Humidity Challenges
  • Slumping: Solder paste absorbs excess water, leading to bridging during reflow.
  • Solderballing (or "popcorning"): Excessive water absorption causes poor coalescence.
  • Out-gassing: Too much moisture can accumulate under surface mounts, leading to pressure build-up and even component damage.
Low Humidity Issues
  • Rapid flux evaporation: This causes solder paste to dry out, leading to poor release from stencils and insufficient solder joint quality.

Temperature's Impact: Temperature is equally critical in SMT manufacturing, affecting solder paste behavior.

High Temperature Challenges
  • Reduced solder paste viscosity: Can result in paste smearing, slumping, bridging, and solderballing defects.
  • Increased oxidation risk: High temperatures can compromise solderability.
Low Temperature Issues
  • Increased solder paste viscosity: Can lead to poor printing behavior and print voiding.
Monitoring and Control:
Achieving precise control requires careful monitoring and strategic investments:

Humidity Sensors

Invest in quality Rh sensors and place them correctly for accurate readings. Regular sensor inspection is vital, especially in high humidity regions.

Air Conditioning

Quality climate control is crucial. Effective temperature control significantly reduces defects. A dehumidifier can be essential, particularly in high humidity areas.
Moisture Sensitive Components:
Consider the sensitivity of components to moisture. In high humidity environments, minimize the time moisture-sensitive components spend outside their packaging.
Introducing Dr. Storage Dry Cabinet Solutions:
For precise temperature and humidity control, consider Dr. Storage's dry cabinet solutions:

X2B Series (<5% Rh)

Prevent popcorn effects and ensure optimal solder paste behavior.

T40A Series

Maintain the right temperature for solder paste quality.

Software system

Dr. Storage’s monitor system safeguard your valuable assets 24/7.
Dr. Storage's dry cabinets are the answer to your humidity control needs, guaranteeing top-tier performance and flawless PCBs. Don't compromise on quality—invest in Dr. Storage for precision in SMT production.