Our Brand

Whichever treasures we are storing today, they are invariably prone to the elements of the earth, to the heat, dust, humidity of our environment. We are constantly reminded of the fragility of everything precious that we own, of the treasure that will ultimately be damaged or destroyed over time. Unrecoverable. Lost forever.

Dr. Storage understands the many challenges faced, the need to keep high technology products from humidity and the desire to preserve medical equipment in controlled conditions. Put Simply, we understand your fear of not being in control of the environment, the fight against the deterioration of valuable musical instruments. And for the last 30 years, we have made this unshakeable and personal commitment to protect your treasure from humidity

That is why we have become the leading provider of dry cabinets, sensors and software solutions. We are relentless in the development of high-quality products that match the needs of our clients today, and tomorrow.
Across the world, in the harshest of conditions and for the most demanding clients, so that whatever you are seeking to protect may live on forever.