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SensorLook Centralized Monitoring System


The most important characteristic of Dr. Storage products is that no matter it is dry cabinets, dry boxes, humidity control boxes, nitrogen cabinets or alarm hygrometer, they can all be centralized monitored by SensorLook system.

By using either wire or wireless connection, administrator is able to monitor and record humidity and temperature data and graph instantly from far away; making humidity and temperature management not only on the machine itself. SensorLook is also equipped with alarm function which allows users to set the tolerance value. Once the humidity or temperature exceeds the tolerance value, administrator will be alerted immediately.

Dr. Storage provides electronic dry cabinets with no nitrogen needed, no vacuum needed and low power consumption. Customers can even upgrade their existing cabinets in the future. This provides the customer with a better cost effective and environmental friendly solution.

Whether you are looking for dry cabinet, dry box, auto dry, humidity control box, dehumidifying cabinet, super dry box, electronic dry cabinet, low humidity storage box, fast super dryer, desiccator, electronic desiccator,electronic drying cabinet or baking dry cabinet, we can provide products that suit your need.

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