N2 Controller
<start>Nitrogen Controller / N<sub>2</sub> controller</start>


Nitrogen / Smart N2 controller

NC-5R-110 ( 110V )
NC-5R-230 ( 230V )
NC-5R is used to control the filling of dry air into the cabinet, so the desired relative humidity in the cabinet can be reached. The dry air can be nitrogen, CO2 or inert gas. Nitrogen is the most frequently used dry air for a nitrogen cabinet. Traditional nitrogen cabinet allows the N2 to fill all the time. After NC-3T is adapted, 30~60% consumption of N2 can be saved.
Operation range: 0~50℃, 0.1~99.9%RH
Precision: ±1.0℃; ±3.0%RH
Resolution: 0.1℃; 0.1%RH
Dimensions: W220*D160*H70mm
Weight: 1.4kgs
Power: 110V/230V(select voltage in advance)
Power consumption: Max. 10W; Ave. 5Wh
  1. Easy to install: any of traditional nitrogen cabinet can be upgraded by adding NC-3T within 20 minutes. And then huge waste of nitrogen can be saved permanently.
  2. Data recording: it is important to verify that the condition of storage meets the regulation of J-STD-033C. The users can connect PC directly to the RS232 port on controller to acquire the data or use data logger to record the data. With this function, the historical fluctuation of relative humidity and temperature can be shown clearly in the graph. This uniquely patented function can easily verify if the SMD packages are stored at proper condition. It is very convenient for those who carry out quality assurance procedures.
  3. Calibration reminding: the drift effect of sensors might influence the accuracy. In order to help complying with the regulation of ISO, a unique design of calibration expiration reminding function is offered in this model. When the sensor runs over 365 days, the decimal point in the panel will be flashed for reminding the user.
  4. Alert setting: there are two ways of alert - flash and buzz. Alert is activated when the relative humidity or temperature is higher than the upper limit setting. The flash and buzz alert can be activated by different time delay.
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