Alarm Hygrometer


Alarm hygrometer

The environmental temperature and humidity warning display is an advanced and intuitive monitoring device, designed for situations that require precise control of temperature and humidity. Below are its main features:

Large Screen Display: The display is equipped with a large screen that allows users to clearly see the readings from a distance, which is very useful for quickly checking data from afar.

Temperature and Humidity Sensing Function: The built-in temperature and humidity sensors can monitor environmental conditions in real-time, ensuring that the environment where items are stored is always kept in optimal condition.

Temperature and Humidity Alarm Settings: Users can set temperature and humidity alarms according to their needs. When environmental conditions exceed the preset range, the system will automatically issue a warning for timely adjustment.

RS-232 Connection: With the RS-232 interface, the display can be connected to a recorder, facilitating data recording and analysis.

Optional Remote Monitoring Software: For more convenient monitoring, customers can purchase dedicated remote monitoring software to achieve remote control and management.

Application Scenarios: This environmental temperature and humidity warning display is very suitable for use in storage rooms for valuable items, quality control of factory materials, and situations like hospitals where strict monitoring of temperature and humidity is required.

The design of this environmental temperature and humidity warning display aims to provide users with a reliable environmental monitoring solution, ensuring the safety and stability of valuable items and critical facilities. Through these advanced features, users can effectively prevent losses caused by environmental fluctuations.
1. Operation Range: 0~50℃, 0~99.9%RH
2. Precision of Temperature Sensor: ±1.0℃ (at 50%RH/25℃)
3. Precision of Humidity Sensor: ±2.0%RH (at 50%RH/25℃)
4. Resolution of Temperature: 0.1℃
5. Resolution of Humidity: 0.1%RH
6. Dimension: W310xD70xH350mm
7. Weight: 3kgs
8. Power: 110/230V, 50/60Hz (select voltage in advance)
9. Visibility Distance: 30m
10. Power Consumption: Max. 15W; Ave. 12Wh