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T70A-600,Baking Dry Cabinet


Baking Dry Cabinet

  • Baking and Dehumidifying Dual Function: This baking dry cabinet offers both baking and dehumidifying capabilities, providing stable ultra-low humidity technology. When heated to 70°C, the cabinet can achieve a minimum humidity of 0.1% RH (at an ambient condition of 25°C, 50% RH), thoroughly eliminating deep-seated moisture in stored items and preventing reattachment of humidity.
  • Designed for Temperature-Sensitive Parts or Special Materials: Unlike traditional baking ovens that only evaporate moisture during baking, this baking dry cabinet maintains a dehumidifying function, ensuring continuous dehumidification even with the heaters turned off.
  • High-Precision Temperature and Humidity Monitoring: Equipped with a high-precision dual display panel for temperature and humidity and an RS-232 interface, it can be used with a temperature and humidity recorder for long-term monitoring of cabinet environment changes. The panel's integrated temperature and humidity alarm function activates a buzzer or flashing alert when levels exceed preset values. The cabinet's door-open light feature makes it convenient for users to access stored items.
This model fully activates internal moisture:
Featuring both baking and dehumidifying properties, it completely activates the moisture molecules on the surface and deep within electronic components, ensuring they are thoroughly dried. This series of machines uses a mild temperature of 50°C to 70°C to force the evaporation of moisture molecules from within the components. The dehumidifying unit then completely absorbs and expels the moisture molecules from the air inside the cabinet, achieving a dryness level of below 1% RH. This not only completely avoids the potential thermal damage and easy oxidation that can occur with traditional 125°C ovens during baking but also solves the problem of moisture reattaching to the components after cooling.

  • Sensor display comes with built-in alarm function
  • Internal light is on when door is opened
  • Stainless steel shelves
  • Data Logger GT05
  • SensorLook Central Monitoring System
  • Wired Transmitter
External dimensions (mm) : W600*D830*H1966
Internal dimensions (mm) : W486*D587*H1496
Performance : <1%RH at 70℃
Temperature Setting Range : 40℃~70℃