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<5%RH SMT Components Storage Technology

Dr. Storage Ultra-low Humidity Dry Cabinet

In compliance with industry standard IPC/JEDEC J-STD033B.1, Dr. Storage ultra-low humidity dry cabinet is your BEST CHOICE for storing SMT components.

X2M series: Stable <5%RH to ensure your components are stored in appropriate condition and away from high humidity.

T40W series: Stable <5%RH and 40℃ to speed up the evaporation rate of moisture from the components and to reset the FLOOR LIFE of components. Also come with double wall structure to ensure stable 40℃ inside the cabinet.

Equipped with:
- RS232 data recording function
- Humidity and temperature buzz and flash alarm
- Calibration reminding
- Special “Slash Door” design
- Anti-static paint, glass and wheels
- Software for recording and monitoring
- Modular design for easy upgrade in the future

Contact us for more information on your SMT components storage!

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