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How to reset floor life by using baking 40ºC?


How to reset floor life by using baking 40ºC auto dry cabinet?

According to the industry standard IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033B.1 table 4-3, the floor life of a component can be reset in different ways depending on the exposure time and MSL Level(moisture sensitivity level). Component can be stored in <5%RH or <10%RH Ultra low humidity dry cabinet for 5 times or 10 times the exposure time to reset its floor life. Component can also be baked in 40ºC with 5%RH dry cabinet to reset its floor life. Different components and exposure times will require different floor life resetting methods.

With the new drying technology of Dr. Storage baking 40 auto dry cabinet, floor life of components can be reset by the above mentioned two methods. High temperature oven baking will no longer be needed. The new dry tech of baking 40 auto dry cabinet is able to bake the components in mild 40 and have the uniquely designed Dr. Storage dehumidifying system working at the same time. By using this baking 40 auto dry cabinet, moistures deep inside the components can be vapor out completely in a fast rate, achieving 100% total drying result. At the same time, this baking 40 auto dry cabinet also avoids the chance of oxidation on components which happens in repeated high temperature baking. In most cases, after components are baked to reset their floor life, during the time of temperature cool down, moisture in the air will reattach back to the component. This phenomenon will affect the quality of the production and cause defective products to be made. With the new dry tech of this baking 40 auto dry cabinet, even the heaters are cut off, humidity inside the cabinet still maintains in ultra-low humidity. This avoids the moisture in the air from reattaching back to the components. Humidity inside the cabinet will be kept in <5%RH when the heater is turned off. This baking 40 auto dry cabinet can be used as an ultra low humidity dry cabinet for storing your SMT components.

Dr. Storage baking 40 auto dry cabinet is an ALL-IN-ONE bake and storage dry cabinet. No nitrogen is needed, no vacuum is needed. Its outstanding dehumidifying ability performs better than normal temperature dry cabinet and consumes way less energy compare to traditional oven. You can even connect this cabinet to the computer or use data logger & reader to record and monitor its humidity and temperature instantly; Helping you to carry out an easy and effective humidity and temperature quality assurance. With the new dry tech of this baking 40 auto dry cabinet, you are able to bake the components whenever you wish to and store it in <5%RH condition when the baking is over. According to IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033B.1 table 7.1, in the condition of <5%RH, components have unlimited floor life. That means you are able to store your SMT components in this dry cabinet for an indefinitely period of time. You will not have to worry about your SMT components exceeding their floor life anymore.

Many international electronic factories had already started using Dr. Storage baking 40 auto dry cabinet to increase their production rate and quality. For more information on Baking 40 auto dry cabinet, please feel free to enquire.

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