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Ultra-Low Humidity Technology


With all the different dry boxes in the market, do you worry about choosing the wrong product that does not perform what it claimed to perform and damage the items in storage?

 Dr. Storage electronic dry cabinet series is the first one in the world to incorporate humidity data recording function into the cabinet. Unlike other products in the market, all of our electronic dry cabinets come with data recording function and Humidity Management software as standard. You will be able to record and monitor the performance of your dry cabinet instantly anywhere. There are two types of recording method making the recording and monitoring process even easier: connect to PC directly or use a data logger and reader (optional).

Dr. Storage provides electronic dry cabinets with no nitrogen needed, no vacuum needed and low power consumption. Customers can even upgrade their existing cabinets in the future. This provides the customer with a better cost effective and environmental friendly solution.

Whether you are looking for dry cabinet, dry box, auto dry, humidity control box, dehumidifying cabinet, super dry box, electronic dry cabinet, low humidity storage box, fast super dryer, desiccator, electronic desiccator,electronic drying cabinet or baking dry cabinet, we can provide products that suit your need.

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